Zoomball: Enhancing Skills In Photography

Have you seen those creative photography outputs where images reveal the background scene within the ball? If are fond of browsing beautiful images in the internet and photography books, you might have seen these photos already.  But how exactly these photos created? The magic lies on Zoomball. 

What is a Zoomball?

Photographic images have now become very creative.  Gadgets and devices are usually completed for photography sets which make photo sessions and shootings with so much fun.

Zoomball has a spherical shape, and this is where you images are seen through refraction principle.  Your simple images will turn into extraordinary output.  Actually, zoomball is created for creators and photographers so that they will always be prepared to take the perfect shot. 

Zoomball could be used by everyone

Yes ,zoomball was created mainly for photographers.  But did you know that you as ordinary person could also use zoomball.  It’s actually great for DSLR and even smartphones.  It is carved from a crystal, a lens-grade and optically clears one which enables you to achieve the sharpest possible image. 

Zoomball enables you to expand your creativity and take your skill to the next level.  It provides a 180 degree view of your surroundings, creating truly awesome images. You can find more details on zoomball on the site lensball.com.au.

Sizes of zoomball

Zoomball comes in various sizes.  A pocket-sized 60 mm lens ball is very light and just enough to hold between your finger and thumb.  It also does not take much space on your bag hence easy to bring anywhere.  it’s actually a fun size and great for starters.

The 90 mm zoomball has a larger spot for focus and allows you more to be creative with your works.  It’s a nice all-rounder which is very easy to handle without taking up too much space on your bag.  Still, convenient to bring when travelling.

110 mm zoomball

Because it is larger the other zoomballs, the proportion of the ball will be in sharp focus which offers the best optics for great quality pictures.