Are the Philippines the newest location for call centers to outsource their calls to?

Over the past few years, the Philippines have replaced India as the choice location for many offshore call centers for the American market. The Philippines currently have the highest level of English proficiency than any country in Asia, and the Filipinos have by far the easiest-to-understand accent for most people whose first language is English.

Many customers have complained over the years of calling companies to resolve issues only to be transferred to India and not being able to understand what the representative is speaking about. They have commented the accents are too hard to understand. Despite this, most British companies still tend to choose India over the Philippines.

According to every Asian call center review since 2001, the Philippines have proven to be the number one country in Asia to provide offshore English-speaking call center solutions. The call center outsourcing services in the Philippines has outpaced India key areas such as English, telecommunications, quality of local management and the standard of the outsourcing representatives.

With a literacy rate of 94%, the Philippines have a large pool of information technology professionals and a cost-competitive telecoms infrastructure. The country itself ranks third in Knowledge and Information-based jobs in the 2002 Global Technology Index research done by the META Group. Three million college graduates join the workforce each year, providing an astounding source of talent.

Telemarketing Consultant call centers located in the Philippines can offer a cost saving solution for call center outsourcing services. Outbound telemarketing services in the Philippines can be utilized to successfully market to and provide customer service for your call center in the United States and around the world.

For as long as the Philippines retain its competitive advantage in English, the country is definitely a strong contender where British and USA companies can locate their call centers.

Call center service done in the Philippines covers both inbound and outbound calls, sales verification, sales dispatch, reactivation of lapsed accounts, and other things. Solutions offered include customer relation management, partner relationship management, quality management systems, and loyalty management programs. Theses are all done via phone, fax, email, chat and web collaboration tools.