Customizing Industrial Telescopic Slides – Design And Production Stages

Drawer slides may seem so simple yet like any other products, they go through the process of designing.  From discussion of the needed requirements, materials to be used, considerations of weight and temperature exposure, etc – everything’s crucial before you could actually produce the customized slides fitted for your needs.

  1. Relaying to the Designer your Specific Requirements. This part must be cleared between the clients and their product supplier.  Customized industrial telescopic slidesare equally in demand like household choices.  If you have seen products that have stand through time, this is because these have been specified from the beginning.  It’s important to know where will the slides be exposed, to what temperature, etc.  This way, the designer will be able to use the appropriate material to fit the requirement.
  • Drafting based on the agreed specifications. This stage is where the actual designing or sketching happens.  Once this phase is done, you will be able to have the final draft or the product itself wherein all the details mentioned on the first stage were applied. The item is still subject for discussion and approval of the client. To learn more about Guides – Chambrelan, visit on hyperlinked site.
  • Production of few products (for testing purposes).  Customized industrial telescopic slides must be checked based on various requirements basically strength, weather conditions, pressure, etc.  This stage might involve third party laboratory that could conduct previous mentioned tests other than the testing facility of the supplier.  If the results show that there should be improvements, then both parties will look back on the design stage. 
  • Final production of the product.  Once everything is approved by the client, the process will boil down to mass production.  This could be smoothly repeated especially if there’s no need for a feature update of the product. If there’s a need to change some attributes of the product, then review will start from the design stage.