How Does Youtube Count Its Views?

Before you comprehend the YouTube views, it is necessary you understand what exactly it means. The views basically are dependent on whether the viewer has watched the video or not. It sounds very simple, but in reality, understanding what YouTube counts is a complex process. YouTube has a very smart algorithm. It works endlessly in figuring out if the views are coming from the real people or not.

Two criteria play a very important role when it comes to counting views on YouTube.

1. If the user has deliberately initiated watching the video.

2. If the viewer has watched the video for more than 30 seconds on the platform.

If a person has watched the video for more than 30 seconds, it will be counted as a view, despite not watching the complete video. However, if the video is closed before 30 seconds, it will not be counted as a view. Get more interesting details about fast followers on zeru.

You cannot outsmart YouTube by watching a video from the same source again. Once you watch a video from your id, it is registered. If you go back to the video and watch it again, it will not be counted.

How do they count for videos shorter than 30 seconds?

It is unclear as to how YouTube decides on the viewpoint. Whether you have to watch it once or multiple times, however, the 30-second rule was implied because videos more than 30 seconds can be monetized. The same thing is not applicable for videos for less than 30 seconds.

YouTube is well aware of watch bots that skip from video to video in every 30 seconds. They keep a close eye on the pattern. If the viewer just jumps patterns to random videos rather than the one the follows the former or out of the recommendation index, it will be considered as a bit, and the view will not be counted.

There is also a new feature introduced as live streaming. For this, even if you watch the live stream, the view will be considered as a normal view.

The main reason why YouTube does stringent when it comes to views is that many people falsify the views and gain an undue monetary advantage.

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