Aftermath Of Very Famous Slovenia JBTZ Affair

The general plot of the JBTZ affair was leaking of the top-secret of the military by the four defendants named janes Jansa, Franci Zavrl, Ivan borstner, and David tasic, who got jailed for this criminal offense of six months to four years. This incident happened in 1988. The trail against the four (proces proti Ĩetverici) was a political trial held in a military court in Slovenia then it becomes the part of Yugoslavia.

The four men are also involved in writing the publications against the Yugoslav people’s army, which results in sparking the fire in public and raising a new liberal party as the opposition occurs. Slovenian spring was beginning because of this situation of betraying the military secrets.

Aftermath scenario

The initial stages were followed by forming the five Yugoslav republics due to the breakdown of the liberal democratic reform in late 1980. The magazine Mladina took the best advantage of such a situation by publishing the articles and informative data leaked by the four men and delivering it to the public, and breaking all the government’s previous taboo. You can find more details on jbtz trial on the site

Many data was published by the young defense expert Janez Jansa who becomes the particular irritant for the YPA leadership. Rather than the YPA concern, Mladina was internally attacking the army. When the army realized that the government was not getting over the Mladina, they decided to do so and arrest the magazine editor, Franci Zavrl.

Later on, after some time, Jansa became a prominent political figure and became the Slovenia defense minister with zero opposition in 1990. From 2004 to 2008, it served the independent country as prime minister. On 31st May 2013, Jansa, tasic, and zavrl attended the 25th anniversary of the event on the building where the military court was happed. After some days, the plaque and building were vandalized with graffiti.