Call Center Services

The expanding role of call center services

The past few years have seen a massive rise in the call center services industry. Call center services are an important part of CRM (Customer Relation Management).CRM consists of methodologies and procedures which help an organization manage customer relation in an effective and organized manner. There has been a paradigm shift in business philosophy relating to customer satisfaction in the past few decades. In CRM there is a popular saying ‘Customer is the King’. Manufacturers are increasingly realizing the strategic importance of a good customer relation. In the past the thrust was on providing quality of products but now it now it also envelops providing quality after sales support. CRM methodologies are being constantly reevaluated to meet the ever changing demands of the customer. The size of the CRM practices is massive. A recent report on customer services expects worldwide spending on CRM to increase from 13.48 billion in 2001 to $19.61 billion by 2005.

The growth in call center services has come about due to technological advances in telephony services. The operating and setting up cost of a call center have become low. Companies have realized the potential of call center services in terms of profit building capability and many small, medium and large business enterprises give serious consideration to it. Companies gain strategic advantages from higher customer satisfaction, integrated and cost efficient processes, market access and growth opportunities, and greater insight and expertise of customer solutions.

The call center services are not limited to any one particular industry. Tourism industry, agriculture, retail, health and even sport industry are using it to expand and maintain their customer base. Another recent trend has been the globalization of the call center services. Many companies outsource their call centers to an outside country based on strategic business advantages. A person in US calling a call center toll free number could expect to either talk to an American agent or an Indian agent or maybe an agent sitting in Sri Lanka. Many bilingual call centers have also come up, which provide their services in the language which a customer easily understands.